"Little by little the bird builds its nest."

– African proverb


Pflege berührt

// Series of Web Documentaries 
Country: Austria
Client: State of Vorarlberg

EU funded programs in Vorarlberg

// Series of Web Reports
Country: Austria
Client: State of Vorarlberg

Made in Vorarlberg

// Series of Corporate Videos
Country: Austria
Client: Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH

ALPLA mould shop

// Web Stories

Country: Austria
Client: Alpla Packaging

Keramik die Anspricht

// Image Video
Country: Germany + England
Client: Suzanne Lukàcs-Ringel

Wie kommt man zur Kunst?

// Corporate Video
Country: Germany
Kunstschule Sauterleute e.V.

// I always have a project I'm working on. Mostly for my clients. From time to time it is also a personal project that gives me new inspiration.