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My Process

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of storytelling  goes much longer than the dreads on my head. Yeah, quite a long time now. Depending on the subject, project or concept my office tends to go where the action is.  As an independent media expert. I help in creating visual stories for companies, brands and artists. Am currently operating from Zurich, Switzerland - as travelling all-over Europe has become a basic norm for me to make things happen.

I shoot-to-edit meaning pre-production is of great value to me. I'm adaptable and swift while on set. Experience over the past years proves my biggest weakness as -not eating enough while at it. 
You gonna have to remind me of that.

Where required depending on the scale of a particular project I network with fellow professionals  
from respective fields eg. scoring, sound design and animation.

Short CV

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  • Ologi | Independent videographer & photographer | 2014 - Today
  • Matak Studios Fotografie & Film OG | Co-founder and full-time creative director | 2017-2019
  • FH Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences | Intermedia, Bachelor of Arts | 2010-2014

+ detailed CV on LinkedIn

Knowledge & Skills

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  • Fluent Languages [ German, English, Swahili and Luo ]
  • Videography [ conception, filming, editing, directing ]
  • Photography [ lifestyle, documentary, portrait, product ]
  • Art Direction [ artists, campaigns]
  • E-learning [ video, workshops ]


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Social Media Campaigns




Music Videos

// Below you can browse at more examples of my work and assess what results to expect.



// What clients and partners say...

Wolfgang Pendl | Executive Director | Founder Pzwei. Pressearbeit.

" The collaboration with Yohana was something I really valued. Using his creativity, empathy and professionalism , Yohana was able to narrate the stories of the care recipients and care workers in a very touching manner and as a result, he greatly enriched our campaign."

Markus Curin |  Executive Director | Content Studio 2016 - 2018

" Within the scope of this unusual  project, Mr. Onyango repeatedly convinced us with his professional work.  Be it directing work, script adaptions, partly complex video production on-site, editing or post-production – his performance and service were excellent. "